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Pair Small Twig Pots, For Stick Insect Cage

Pair Small Twig Pots, For Stick Insect Cage

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Slimline Plus Twig Pots x 2

Due to the success of our standard "Mini" twig pots, we have now introduced a large version called "Small" these larger pots are able to hold 250ml of water, which is ideal if you are going away for a longer period and want to keep those leaves fresh for longer or you just want to cut down how often you change the leaves because they have dried out.

What makes the original and this new pot quite unique is its method of holding plants a small rubber gasket holding a small plastic vase/holder which means that when you place sprigs into the pot they are held upright. there is an added bonus that the sprigs are held tight and prevent any accidental drownings even by the smallest of stick insects

. The pots are 70mm x 70mm

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