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Micro Arboreal Rearing Box

Micro Arboreal Rearing Box

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A great little starter home jumping spiders and slings, made from a lightweight plastic (there may be the odd manufacturing mark) with a large fine mesh vent at the rear of the enclosure

Okay a brand new version of our popular range of insect rearing boxes, this particular design is aimed at young slings of arboreal and jumping spider slings.

The back is push fit and completely removable to give great access set up your decor (NO DECOR SUPPLIED WITH BOX) close the back and you are all set, the small feeding cap provides a way of dropping in small prey, I use a small plastic funnel works a treat, you can add drops of water this way or just by partially opening the rear.

I have used these with great success and they look pretty cool too.

70mm L X 50mm H X 50mm W

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