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Egg to Adult Insect Life Cycle Set- for praying mantis or stick insects

Egg to Adult Insect Life Cycle Set- for praying mantis or stick insects

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A great value life cycle Insect Keeping kit contains everything to rear from egg to adult

The life cycle contents

1 x Large Habitat - H 291mm X 156mm L X 128mm W
Comes fitted with one of our Ultra Vents,but as this habitat will be for larger nymphs/adults we have used a larger mesh for the ventilation.

We have also added a access cap,which allows small flies etc to be dropped in without the need to remove the lid

1 x Small Habitat- H 118mm x Dia 73mm
This will be for your young nymphs it is also fitted with one of our Ultra Vents but this one has very fine mesh to prevent any of your pets getting out.

1 x Slimline water pot
If you are keeping leaf eaters, then this little pot will help keep their food nice and fresh

1 X Pooter
To catch tiny flies for your young mantis etc (style may vary from photo)

1 x Magnifier glass
To help you watch your bugs grow.

1 x Mini Mister bottle

1 x Plastic Tweezers

1 x Small brush, This help to safely pick up very small nymph's without causing them any harm

We will also put in a free fake plant of our choice and a bag of vermiculite

This set should help you on your way to this fascinating hobby of bug keeping


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