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Classic Style Insect Rearing Jar Coarse Mesh Vent

Classic Style Insect Rearing Jar Coarse Mesh Vent

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This is a traditional style insect rearing jar made from P.E.T plastic it is clear and durable there are several buying options but all options will come with a coarse mesh vent ( this mesh offers better ventilation ideal for larger insects if you are feeding small prey insects choose the fine mesh option).

Size H 291mm W156mm Neck Size 110mm

Option one

The rearing jar solo this is just the empty jar with a fine mesh vent fitted

Option two

Th rearing jar with a twig pot to keep those leaves fresh ideal for stick & leaf insects it also comes with some vermiculite to even up the base of the jar so the pot sits correctly .

Option three

The rearing jar complete with a artificially planted pieces of cork bark and some coir for the base this option is ideal if you are rearing praying mantis or juv arboreal spider etc

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