Bugzarre Is Changing To My Bug Zoo

Ten years ago I left my well paid job with company car a good bonuses to start bugzarre, my passion for bugs started very young and I remember bring home some stick insects from school and then making an enclosure from a shoe box and a bit of clear plastic, little did I know that this was a precursor of what was to come.

The past ten years of the bug business have been a journey some good having a meeting with a TV presenter and her cameraman in my converted garage was the most surreal, they were making a new TV programme called Jess French Minibeast Adventures   and wanted me to make them some enclosures so the cameraman could film those bugs at work, including a ant colony underground and of cause the flip side COVID and now the cost of living.

So I thought it time to update my old website as the cloud was not around when this was set up all those years ago and as I was changing the website I thought the name change would be beneficial and also describes peoples own collection of bugs MY Bug Zoo, so here we are both sites are operational and I am in the process of transferring the stock over from bugzarre which will take a little time once this has been done all traffic will be directed to My Bug Zoo, so a big thank you for all of you who have been customers over the past ten years and hope to see you at My Bug Zoo

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